Featured in Security Debrief

I was recently honored to be featured in Security Debrief.  Here's an excerpt from the article:

Absolute security is unobtainable. Disasters will strike, violent extremists will attack, and our systems, infrastructure and planning will not always stop every threat. The challenge for the United States is to create resilient systems and communities, so when a bad day arrives, the damage is limited and the recovery is rapid.

This emphasis on building resilience is often missed in the general public awareness of the Department of Homeland Security, which sometimes assumes DHS’ mission begins and ends with TSA airport screening. In truth, there are legions of individuals in the Department striving to enhance our national readiness and resilience. One of these people is Ehsan Zaffar, who works at the intersection of security and civil rights, helping to ensure DHS continues to secure the nation without violating individual civil liberties.

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