Digital Hope: How Adam Motiwala is helping homeless writers make the transition to the web

Adam has always been an innovator and an entrepreneur and his new venture, Digital Hope, a partnership with Washington DC's Streetsense Newspaper, is helping the city's homeless develop a career writing for blogs and media outlets online. A short excerpt from a writeup in about his work below, and check out a great podcast on entrepreneurship where Adam's work was featured recently.  Contact him if you are interested in collaborating. 

Adam Motiwala met his business partner Ibn Hipps at the McPherson Square metro stop. That’s where Hipps was selling copies of Street Sense, a D.C. newspaper that publishes writers experiencing homelessness, for $2 a piece. “I used to see him every day,” said Motiwala. At first, he thought Hipps’s business was bogus. But over time, he got to know him and “started reading his stories. Then in early 2014 Motiwala, 30, a VP account manager at local marketing firm Fifth Tribe, was commissioned to produce a blog post for a real estate firm.