Principles of Faith Based Dispute Resolution

Read my latest article on the principles of faith-based alternative dispute resolution published in ADRTimes.

Part One – Sulh: Islam’s path to reconciliation

A boy and a girl shuffle along, stalked by the shadow of poverty, disease, violence, and death. They are on their way to work at their father’s shop; but it’s doubtful they’ll even make the short distance, let alone work in the shop for the day. And on the way there will be problems. There will be marauders perhaps, or checkpoints. There will be gunshots again, like the ones that kept them up all night. And they will need to duck and run to make it to the safety of the shop, deep inside the Christian quarter.[1]

This is Nigeria: It is a country of vast wealth, untapped resources and burgeoning modernity. But it is also a country of strife, violence, and corruption. The nation is continually being torn apart by religious strife and sectarian violence. Just yesterday, this boy and girl fled with their father from their home to the police station. An angry crowd had gathered outside their home chanting for the unbelievers to come out, throwing bottles at their windows, shattering the fence posts around their yard.

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