Map of Threats/Violence Against American Muslims and Others

As 2015 draws to a close it is important to remember that many American Muslims are feeling afraid and unwelcome.  They are experiencing threats of violence and outright attacks directed against them on the basis of their religion or belief - much of it motivated by remarks by presidential candidates such as Donald Trump. 

My colleagues and I have compiled a comprehensive map (above) of attacks and other threats of violence against American Muslims as well as others such as Sikh Americans, Americans of Indian descent and frankly anyone who looks "foreign" - indeed France has seen a 170% rise in attacks against Jews and Muslims in the wake of the terrorist attacks there earlier this year.

The map is updated on a regular basis as stakeholders email me or as my colleagues and I hear about an incident in the news.  At the rate these incidents are happening, we are unlikely to catch them all - so please email us if you learn of one in your neighborhood.

It is our hope that this map can serve as a resource in your advocacy efforts or as you work to change the culture of hate, bigotry and paranoia slowly burgeoning in the U.S.