Litigate. Write. Elect. Advocacy isn’t just about speaking out

But also about writing it in, and convincing others to work on your behalf.  Throughout a lot of my work, I find that the best advocates do more than bring attention to matters they care about.  Often, the most effective advocates for social change or civil liberties also:

  • Litigate.  Filing lawsuits encourages precedent.  Which makes it easier to achieve your goals in the long term since you don’t have to fight the same fight repeatedly.
  • Write. Not just reports that bring facts to light, but persuasive op-eds in major publications and newspapers read by the right people that generate interest and galvanize policy change.
  • Elect. This means raising funds for candidates sympathetic to their cause, encouraging such individuals to run for office and then appealing to them while they are in office to represent their interests.

Litigate. Write. Elect.  I think it’s one recipe for success.