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Law & Public Policy (chapter)
My chapter on civil rights is out! Buy your copy of Law and Public Policy today. Download a draft sample of my chapter here.

Understanding Homeland Security: Foundations of Security Policy
I am currently writing a textbook on homeland security (Routledge, fall 2019).  Unique to this text are interviews with renowned experts in the fields of homeland security and national security.

Currently Writing
Law & Ethics in Public Policy (2020)

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Do Syrian Refugees Really Pose a National Security Risk?
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What Are Your Rights at Screenings and Checkpoints?
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Amid a Turbulent Year, A Rare Sign of Hope in Pakistan
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The History and Continuing Influence of Pakistan’s Lawyers’ Movement
December 2010 -

In Tough Economic Times, Consider Serving Others by Going on a “Donation-Vacation”
November 2010 - The Huffington Post

SHINE Makes It Easy To Donate Stress-Free To Pakistani Flood Victims, Earthquake Victims In Haiti
October 2010 - The Huffington Post

The Need for a Self-Sustaining Mobile Legal Clinic in Widespread Urban Centers
November 2009 - Pepperdine Law - The Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship & the Law

Context is King: A Practical Guide to Reframing in Mediation
June 2008 -