Draft cover

Draft cover


Understanding Homeland Security: Foundations of Security Policy
I am currently writing a textbook on homeland security (due out from Elsevier  spring 2015).  Unique to this text are interviews with renowned experts in the fields of homeland security and national security.

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Principles of Faith-Based ADR
A boy and a girl shuffle along, stalked by the shadow of poverty, disease, violence, and death. They are on their way to work at their father's shop; but it's doubtful they'll even make the short distance, let alone work in the shop for the day.  And on the way there will be problems. There will be marauders perhaps, or checkpoints. There will be gunshots again, like the ones that kept them up all night. And they will need to duck and run to make it to the safety of the shop, deep inside the Christian quarter... Read more at ADR Times

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